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Dressings, Dips & Gravies

Tarter Sauce

Our families love to ‘dip’…and this sauce is an incredible contestant in the ‘dipping’ world. Tarter sauce is normally known for dipping different fish and seafood options. However, this recipe is so incredibly fresh and consists of ingredients that make this dip suitable for many foods! Go ahead and mix […]

Appetizers, Side Dishes, Vegetarian

Cauliflower Nuggets

This versatile vegetable is going to become one of your favorites using this recipe if it isn’t already. Promise! These little cauliflower nuggets are loaded with fiber and extra vitamin B. They are perfect as an appetizer or side dish to compliment any main. One of the things we strive […]

In Betweens

Blueberry Muffins

This has to be one of the most loved, and sought after muffins. Everyone loves that bite filled with sweet blueberries. We knew this needed to be a recipe we needed to share with you all. Using no refined sugar, banana’s and the use of oats, these muffins pack a […]

Appetizers, Chicken

Baked Chicken Wings

That’s right! We said baked chicken wings….A much healthier option then the usual fried ones served. We know what you’re all thinking…baked wings…they’re just not the same. We would have agreed until we set out to make our recipe. CUT promise- these taste amazing! You won’t second guess baking chicken […]

Dressings, Dips & Gravies

Blue Cheese Dressing

Now here’s an interesting dressing! Why is it that few people actually like blue cheese yet reach for this option as a dressing or dip often!?! We’ve decided it’s the perfect balance of this cheese’s sharp bite when paired with it’s other smooth ingredients that makes this dressing undeniable. We […]


Cowtown Ribs

Ribs so tender they literally fall off the bone. Honestly, no need to set knives for this dinner, but be sure to have extra napkins handy. This recipe is mouthwatering and so incredible. We love it for when company is coming or when you need an easy prep meal. Yes, […]

Desserts, Treats

Coconut Fudge

The sun is finally shining in YYC and we feel like we’re beachin’ with a balmy 10°C!! Just a week ago we were buried under a blizzard snowstorm – today the grass has hints of green peaking through. The signs of spring has definitely lifted our spirits. We’re excited to […]


Cantonese Chicken

Are you bored with the same old chicken recipes? This one is an incredible page to add to your chicken chapter. It’s perfectly flavored with a sweet side and just a little bit of spice. Funny story- Stacey inherited this recipe during university. She was cooking for her new boyfriend […]