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Cran Gin Fizz

It’s the holidays and a special bevy is an order. Not to mention that in Alberta, we’re all heading into “lock down” mode again. Celebrating only with our immediate families and those very closest to us is what Christmas 2020 is about. Let’s get mixing a Christmas classic at home… […]

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Many of you might be wondering what is Lebkuchen?? Well it’s essentially the yummiest HONEY gingerbread ever! A gingerbread made with honey? Could a cookie be any better? Lol, not really. Unless you make your cookies with local YYC MOB honey! We were so excited to partner with MOB Honey […]


Brie Pie

We know what you’re all thinking…a brie wrapped within our CUT pie crust. Right? Lol, although this would be delicious, we’ve changed this up a bit! This pie is a little different then what you’d expect. This brie pie is uniquely topped with JAM, wrapped in strips of BACON, and […]

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Chocolate Hummus

We all love hummus in our families. Dipping crackers, veggies, breads, or spreading it on chicken or burgers – it’s always stocked in our fridge. The kids love packing it for lunches, we love snacking with it in the evening. If you’ve never had hummus before; you are missing out. […]

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Mushroom Burgers

We know it’s December and the snow should be flying…but here in Calgary it’s been balmy and feels almost like spring! Riding bikes, having fires and the kids playing outside in just hoodies, has us in the mood for burgers! We’ve not completely negated the fact that next week may […]

In Betweens, Not Always Breakfast

Ruby Scones

Christmas is a special time of year. As our families celebrate, we always incorporate the addition of special foods. Bites that might be a little sweeter, a little more rich and yes, possibly a couple extra calories….Lol. But that’s the holidays! This recipe for Ruby Scones is extra special. It’s […]


Holiday Nog

We’re pretty sure that between both our families, we drink most of the local grocery stores supply of eggnog! Lol, we all LOVE eggnog – adults and the kids. In fact, we celebrate the first day one of us finds eggnog at the grocery store! Having said that, we also […]