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Ginger Salmon

We have had one of the warmest, most lovely fall season’s that Calgary has seen in years! It hasn’t even felt like fall – until now. The beautiful autumn leaves have mostly fallen, the trees are almost bare. The nights are getting cooler and this week, the days are more […]

Salmon Burgers

These burgers will make your summer. Seriously, the burger as you know it is about to change. Salmon in a burger? Yes!! It’s absolutely amazing. Don’t be afraid to venture from the prairies to our coasts for this one. We love our Alberta beef, pork and chicken, however a change […]

Candied Salmon

I think I ate too much salmon over Christmas, I just tried to run up an escalator that was going down… Ha! We like cheesy jokes. Seriously though, to be honest with you all, living in Calgary, salmon is not a go-to meat source for most families. The prairies isn’t […]