Tag: Cinnamon

Toffee Bite Cookies

Do you remember the snickerdoodle cookies you’d devour as a kid growing up? Maybe you were lucky enough that your Mom even made them? Or maybe you first discovered them at a friends house? Rolled in a cinnamon sugar and infused with fall spices, these cookies were the perfect bite […]

CUT Fall Spice Blend

We both love fall. The falling leaves, the crisp morning air, the cool wind as it dances through the long grasses. There’s something incredible that happens as the nights grow longer and days become shorter; it’s as magically the autumn breeze brings a comfort and “coziness” into our homes. Our […]

Apple Fries

September is well under way. The school ‘apple fundraiser’ has gone out, and the branches on your apple tree are literally hanging on the ground they’re so heavy with fruit. Why is it that one day it seems like there’s no apples on the tree; and then the next day, […]