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Apple Fries

September is well under way. The school ‘apple fundraiser’ has gone out, and the branches on your apple tree are literally hanging on the ground they’re so heavy with fruit. Why is it that one day it seems like there’s no apples on the tree; and then the next day, […]

Caramel Sauce

When creating our Caramel Apple Floats ( ) using our homemade caramel recipe, we became certain that this creamy and luxurious dip needed a spotlight all of its own. So here it is folks; an entire blog dedicated to simply the easiest most incredible caramel sauce ever! We couldn’t […]

Red Lentil Soup

The leaves are beginning to turn, the colours of autumn are all around us. Crisp mornings and cool evenings, this incredible curry soup is the perfect compliment to fall. There is something about a warm curry that will try and warm your soul. This lentil soup is exactly that – […]

Chicken burgers

Most of us love a good beef burger! No one argues with a juicy patty smothered in cheese, topped with lettuce, tomatoe or pickles. Hamburgers in our families are always a win. Although, the change from a typical beef burger can be a welcomed bite. Fall is a time of […]

Kale Pesto

Summer is closing and fall is coming quickly. Too quickly! Yesterday in Calgary, we were on patios and sipping cold drinks. Today, we bring out the cozy socks and look for warm soups….or pesto!! This recipe for our Kale Pesto is the perfect accompaniment to literally almost everything and anything. […]

Italian Grilled Cheese

Our families both LOVE grilled cheese. Who doesn’t love a good melted sandwich filled with ooey-gooey cheddar?! We decided though the love doesn’t need to stop there. With the tomatoes on the vine finally red and the basil going to seed, we set out to create a grilled cheese filled […]

Caramel Apple Floats

Who doesn’t love a drink that includes whipping cream? Or better yet, who doesn’t love a drink that includes HOMEMADE caramel sauce?! This float can be made both with apple cider or as a virgin apple bubbly option. The perfect family ending to summer holidays and the start of fall. […]

Bearnollandiase sauce

We know, we know….you’re all reading the title of our new favourite sauce and wondering “did we spell that right”? YES!!! We absolutely did. Morphing two of our favourite sauces into one, we would like to introduce you to “Bearnollandiase Sauce”. This incredibly buttery goodness is the perfect addition to […]