Coconut Fish Nuggets

Coconut and fish – we figure these 2 incredible foods are the perfect pairing. Not to mention, it’s -30°C today as we write this blog and the combo just sounds balmy doesn’t it? Coconut…Fish…imagine a warm beach…drinks with umbrella’s…we promise you’ll be swept away with this recipe! Let one bite […]

Ginger Salmon

We have had one of the warmest, most lovely fall season’s that Calgary has seen in years! It hasn’t even felt like fall – until now. The beautiful autumn leaves have mostly fallen, the trees are almost bare. The nights are getting cooler and this week, the days are more […]

Seafood Chowder

June in Calgary brings the craziest of storms. It can be temps of 25°C and then suddenly turn to torrential rain, booming thunder and hail the size of golf balls. As we write this blog, that’s exactly whats happening outside the window. A perfect day to take comfort in a […]

Mexican Marinade

We are so fortunate to live in Alberta, Canada where beef is incredibly accessible…and not just any beef either! Alberta beef is world renown for it’s amazing rich taste, consistent high quality, and perfect marbling within its cuts. We knew without debate what meat we needed to wrap within our […]

Tuna Salad

Quarantine grocery shopping? Fewer trips to the grocery store? Canned tuna will have you and your family covered. What better way to stock your pantry then with cans of this mild, high protein food source. Tuna is so versatile it can be prepared and added to many different recipes. Having […]

Salmon Burgers

These burgers will make your summer. Seriously, the burger as you know it is about to change. Salmon in a burger? Yes!! It’s absolutely amazing. Don’t be afraid to venture from the prairies to our coasts for this one. We love our Alberta beef, pork and chicken, however a change […]

Fish and Chips

We feel that we might need to apologize to you all at the start of this blog. We’re pretty sure that as soon as you read that title, everyone’s mind immediately pictured a huge piece of battered fish. Fish battered beside a mountainous pile of fries. However, we aren’t going […]

Tomato Bruschetta

There’s nothing more fragrant than a fresh garden tomato. If you’ve never been privy to this incredible aroma, you must find a garden this summer! Tomatoes encompass the Italian palate whether they’re in sauce, diced, sliced or whole. We have made this incredible bruschetta to highlight the tomato. Pairing it […]