Royal Frosting

Icing…hhhhmmm…who doesn’t love an amazing icing?!? How much of it ends up on the cookie and how much is eaten right off the spoon?!

Royal frosting is literally a food cement in our minds:) Honestly!! It is the mortar to hold your gingerbread or cookie houses together and the glue for all the candy decorations. It’s a necessity!

Our recipe for royal frosting is literally 3 ingredients. We know, you’re wondering for something so amazing… only 3 ingredients? Royal? YEP!! It’s truly that easy. You’ll never look back with its accessible ingredients, simple method and brilliant white colour, and ambitious holding strength.

Royal Frosting

Recipe by cutcookingCourse: FrostingsDifficulty: Moderate


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This Royal frosting recipe is exactly that – white as the winter falling snow, fluffy when piped onto a cookie, and strong like cement! It’s the PERFECT icing to carry on the families Christmas tradition of constructing children’s infamous gingerbread houses.


  • 3 egg whites

  • 3 1/2 cups icing sugar

  • 1/2 tsp cream of tartar


  • In mixer bowl, separate 3 egg whites.
  • Add icing sugar and cream of tartar. Mix well,
  • Beat on med speed for approximately 8-10 min until stiff peaks form.
  • Fill into icing bags to pipe on cookies or cement those gingerbread walls!.. perfect for adding candies too.
  • When not using, be sure to cover bowl with damp towel as icing dries very quickly.
  • Happy decorating, Stacey and Meg


  • Icing makes enough to build and ice for candies ONE gingerbread house. (Approximately 6″ x 8″ in size

Lets get baking and decorating and have some holiday fun!