Tag: Dill

Spicy Dill Dip

This dip is Stacey’s favourite. Anything with some added ‘heat’ and she’s in! This creamy ranch inspired dip is infused with dill, lemon pepper and jalapeño. The longer it sits, the better it gets. Well at least if you ask Stacey. If you want Meg’s vote, this one is best […]

Egg Salad

It’s no secret that we love eggs! The chickens themselves? They do maybe scare us a bit…Lol. It’s a really good thing that we love their eggs as much as we do. Fresh farm eggs are incredible. If you’ve never had the opportunity to collect fresh eggs, it’s something to […]

Cucumber Salad

Cool like a cucumber. We’d have to agree, cucumbers are cool and we’re pretty sure most people would agree. It’s the one vegetable that usually can sneak in kids lunches, on an appie tray, a restaurant salad and won’t be left. We love it’s versatility pairing with different food and […]