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Orange Dressing

This dressing is the perfect combination of citrus, zest and a creamy finish. It’s absolutely delicious with fruits, veggies or protein! Perfect to dress salads in winter when the snow is flying, or pouring over salad on your patio in summer. This dressing is one of the most versatile options […]

Coleslaw Dressing

The first frost has already hit Calgary. The fall has definitely arrived. In short, that means that all the cabbage in the garden had to be picked or they’d be lost. Seriously, we live in one of the shortest growing seasons possible! Oh well, we can’t argue with nature. However, […]

Lime Vinaigrette

It’s August and the sun is hot. Start squeezing limes because the patio umbrella’s are open, and the loungers have wheeled onto decks. We’re hoping you’re finding a pool or splash park to cool down with. Our families definitely are! Between the water and days spent in the sun, mealtimes […]