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Ham Quiche

We’re not going to lie, we know that when we say “quiche” there’s a lot of different reactions out there! Lol, some of you are super excited, other’s are cringing. But seriously, this ham quiche is SO GOOD!! Not to mention that we all have leftover ham from Easter this […]

Saskatoon Pie

Forks up! It’s pie time!! Pie seems like it’s a whole big deal to make…we’re here to promise it really isn’t. Honestly, we know you all can do this. Not to mention this activity could be a great one to involve the whole family if everyone is hanging around. Something […]

Canadian Heritage Buttertarts

Merry Christmas butter tart! We honestly both can’t remember a Christmas where these little delicious, buttery pies didn’t make an appearance on the families baking tray. Truly a Canadian wondrous treat, we’re proud to carry on our families tradition. Our families don’t even all love raisins yet these tarts can’t […]