Tag: Popcorn

Cinnamon Bun Popcorn

It’s Monday, the start of another week. The start of more Covid homeschooling, back to work from home offices, juggling everyone’s schedules and figuring out who needs what device for what online meeting. Whew, we’re exhausted already thinking about it! Does anyone else agree? The changes of home quarantine has […]

Nutty Crunch Popcorn

When we promise something from CUT, we will deliver. Here it is – the monthly popcorn recipe! Another fun popcorn idea to change up movie night. These days when we’re all home bound, maybe a little more time on our hands and a little more screens happening…this is a great […]

Tawny Popcorn

Oh yummy….caramel popcorn. It always has an essence of fun doesn’t it? We both remember growing up in homes where caramel popcorn was made for special occasions. Christmas – there were caramel popcorn balls. Halloween – the caramel popcorn was passed along in the loot. Birthday parties had bowls full […]