Carnival d’hiver Maple Toffee

It’s the middle of winter, it’s cold outside, and the snow has created a white landscape as far as you can see. There’s no better time to make Maple Toffee!!

Canada is on a varying degree of covid restrictions, and most of us are searching to still find some winter fun! A tradition in Quebec called “Carnaval d’hiver” begins this weekend to relieve the tedium of winter and this year, also covid. Lasting from Feb 5 – 14, Quebec’s Carnaval consists of games, music, ice sculptures and of course…great Canadian food!

A tradition from Quebec, Maple Toffee is made from the finest Maple Syrup! Canadian Maple syrup is world renown. Coming mostly from the trees sap within Quebec, this fun winter treat is a staple during the Carnaval d’hiver. All you need is maple syrup and SNOW!

Lol, we’re lucky that both are readily available across Canada. It’s winter, let’s have some fun!

Round up your family – young or old and a can of pure 100% Canadian Maple Syrup. You’ll also need to gather up a few other items, bundle up and venture outside!…Or, you can also get a big tub and fill it with snow to bring inside if it’s just too cold!!

We used a camping outdoor stove and took the “party” completely outside. Pour the maple syrup into a pot, add nothing else, and heat until 240Ā°F.

You can use a candy thermometer to read the temperature, but if you don’t have one, it’s all good! Ensure the snow is packed and then pour a sample test of syrup. If it sinks, the maple syrup is not hot enough or your snow isn’t packed well enough! The snow must be PACKED. If you pour the hot syrup and it sits on your packed snow, it’s ready to go šŸ™‚

If your hot maple syrup is resting on the top of the snow, continue to pour strips of maple 4 to 6 inch’s long on the snow. Then with a popsicle stick, roll one end to the other. That’s literally it! You’ve just created the most incredible Carnaval d’hiver Maple Toffee.

Carnival d’hiver Maple Toffee

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Truly Canadian, a Toffee made from just Maple Syrup and SNOW! The perfect family activity to break up winter’s tedium, and celebrate Carnaval d’hiver. Have fun!


  • 1 cup pure 100% Canadian maple syrup

  • hard PACKED clean snow

  • popsicle sticks

  • Optional – Candy Thermometer


  • Using a large pot on medium/high heat, add maple syrup and heat until 240Ā°F. (Be sure to use a larger pot because the syrup will boil and bubble.)
  • Pack down hard a section of clean snow.
  • If you’re not using a thermometer, check to see if syrup is hot enough. Test by pouring a strip on the snow, it shouldnā€™t melt through. If it does, itā€™s not hot enough or your snow isnā€™t packed well enough.Ā If you pour the hot syrup and it sits on your packed snow, it’s ready to go šŸ™‚
  • PourĀ 4 to 6 inchĀ strips of hot syrup on the snow and roll with a popsicle stick from one end.Ā 
  • Celebrate – you now have the most delicious Maple Toffee and fresh snow all around to play!
    Stacey and Meg