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Bacon Bourbon Cupcakes

Father’s day is coming and we have the perfect recipe to celebrate Dad. Dad’s of every age and type! Celebrate your Dad, a step Dad, or your Dad’s Dad, your husband, a friend’s Dad, or someone wishing to be a Dad, a dog Dad, cat Dad, horse Dad, your wife’s […]

Brie Pie

We know what you’re all thinking…a brie wrapped within our CUT pie crust. Right? Lol, although this would be delicious, we’ve changed this up a bit! This pie is a little different then what you’d expect. This brie pie is uniquely topped with JAM, wrapped in strips of BACON, and […]

Mulled Wine

Yay, it’s December 1!! The countdown to Christmas has begun. It’s hard to believe that we’re already in December. It seems like only just a short while ago we were on our decks sipping cool drinks, and throwing frisbee with the kids. Now we’re looking for the comfort of a […]

YYC Cowboy

We figured it was about time that we shared our love of wine with you all in a recipe of it’s own. It’s really no secret. We love wine, and we love local. May we introduce you to the YYC Cowboy. A unique twist on a popular cocktail that encompasses […]

Candied Salmon

I think I ate too much salmon over Christmas, I just tried to run up an escalator that was going down… Ha! We like cheesy jokes. Seriously though, to be honest with you all, living in Calgary, salmon is not a go-to meat source for most families. The prairies isn’t […]