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Morning Glory Muffins

Caution!!! This might become your new favourite muffin recipe. It’s so incredibly moist and a texture that is “spot-on”. We promise our gluten-FULL taste testers put forth their best tasting efforts for this one. Did you know that half of the CUT team isn’t gluten-free?! That’s right! Half our team […]

Apple Spice Muffins

The holidays are coming and lazy mornings are an order:) There’s not much better then heading downstairs to freshly baked muffins and pouring yourself that first cup of coffee…unless your muffin is made from coffee!! We did it! The lazy mornings can begin. We have created a muffin loaded with […]

Blueberry Muffins

This has to be one of the most loved, and sought after muffins. Everyone loves that bite filled with sweet blueberries. We knew this needed to be a recipe we needed to share with you all. Using no refined sugar, banana’s and the use of oats, these muffins pack a […]

Corn-dog Muffins

These little bites are such a fun option. Serve them for mealtimes or as an appetizer. They’re perfect for little people or even us big people who reminisce of the days of hot dogs on sticks, wrapped with a delicious corn bread batter. They can be baked using both sizes […]