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Orange Dreamsicle

Orange you glad it’s the middle of summer?! The sun is radiating its heat and everyone is fully out of hibernation. The sidewalks are busy with those out for a stroll, the pathways hectic with bikes, the echo of basketballs ring through the air, the splashes of water compliment the […]

Toes in the Sand Smoothie

When toes are in the sand – drink smoothies! This tropical inspired smoothie will take your taste buds to that warm sunny beach any day of the week. The ‘beach’ might be closer then you think. It’s the middle of summer and most of us aren’t travelling further then our […]

Beetroot Smoothie

Beets.  We LOVE growing them in the garden.  It seems as though every year we continue to add more rows as we explore all the different variations.  The best part?!? We continue to also have a bigger harvest and more beets at the end.  This leaves us questioning what can […]