Beetroot Smoothie

Beets.  We LOVE growing them in the garden.  It seems as though every year we continue to add more rows as we explore all the different variations.  The best part?!? We continue to also have a bigger harvest and more beets at the end.  This leaves us questioning what can we use them in!?!  Friends…Smoothies!  May we present the beetroot smoothie.  

Beets carry so much nutritional value, we couldn’t let these slide and go to waste. Even our kids love the deep rich pink colour of this smoothie and request it’s nutritional punch. Beets are loaded with fiber, folate (B9), vitamin C, iron, potassium, manganese… the list could go on.

It’s the perfect after school snack or pour before work in the morning. Pick your colour of straw and lets start sipping.

We wanted to try different methods of blending as we know not everyone has a high speed Vitamix blender…side note, we really do LOVE ours. But we also wanted to ensure a good hand blender would do the trick. It absolutely did. Not going to lie, it takes a bit longer but it got the job done:) Alright, combine all the ingredients, let’s put the mixers to the test. Ha! Here’s a picture you all might enjoy…Stacey hard at work…making sure the shot is right before the Meg’s camera shutter clicks!

Ok, really, combine the ingredients and let’s do this!

We used a massive jar that worked well with the hand blender. But honestly, we’re easy going as should you be! Life has enough judgment, if you want to try a different bowl or container…go for it. Give it a try and have fun in your kitchen.
If you do have a blender, give er’!!…combine all the ingredients and whip it up. Pureé until smooth.

Beetroot Smoothie

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The deep rich pink colour from this smoothie is enough to entice you to take a sip. An absolutely stunning colour, it’s also more importantly, rich in nutrients and vitamins. Beets will help lower blood pressure, increase blood flow and even excercise performance. You’ll want to add this loaded bevy to your day, everyday!


  • 2 cups frozen beets (parboiled first and then frozen)

  • 4 frozen large very ripe bananas

  • 1 cup almond butter or peanut butter

  • 3 cups almond milk


  • Combine all ingredients into blender or large jar for hand blending.
  • Blend and pureé until everything well mixed.
  • Pour and enjoy.
  • Yep, it’s that easy 🙂 Stacey and Meg

Bring on the beets! It may be the middle of winter but that’s even more of an excuse to eat your veggies and not just store them. Boost your immune system, increase blood flow and stay warm. Drink smoothies.