Corn-dog Muffins

These little bites are such a fun option. Serve them for mealtimes or as an appetizer. They’re perfect for little people or even us big people who reminisce of the days of hot dogs on sticks, wrapped with a delicious corn bread batter. They can be baked using both sizes […]

Crispy Pickles

If you’ve never had a fried pickle, you haven’t lived. Lol, seriously. These have to be one of the best crunch combos we think ever invented. The crispy outside mixed with the crunchy pickle is unbelievably perfect. This pub fare snack is definitely a treat when you find it on […]

Roasted Chick Peas

We love these little powerhouse legumes! Did you know that chick peas are loaded with vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin A, and niacin? As well, they are a great source of protein, fiber and folic acid. These little bites contain nearly all the amino acids and and nutrients that are […]

Mozza Balls

Do you remember the fried hidden sticks of cheese usually found on a restaurants appetizer menu? Wrapped in full-gluten flour, seasoned with garlic powder, served warm, ready to dip in marinara sauce? Stacey does. And she missed them…May we introduce to you a slightly healthier version, and of course, gluten-free. […]

Focaccia crisps

Oh Focaccia…how we love thee, at least a gluten-free version! Needing to invent the wheel for a “vessel” in which we could scoop our bruschetta and other favorite dips, we have used this well known herbed bread and transformed it into a crunchy focaccia-like cracker. We’ve kept the dough simple […]

Tomato Bruschetta

There’s nothing more fragrant than a fresh garden tomato. If you’ve never been privy to this incredible aroma, you must find a garden this summer! Tomatoes encompass the Italian palate whether they’re in sauce, diced, sliced or whole. We have made this incredible bruschetta to highlight the tomato. Pairing it […]

Bacon Scallops

Proudly Canadian born and raised, we both love foods from land and sea. Our country which borders ocean waters allows us to have some of the most delicious seafood options. One of our favourites has to be scallops. If you’ve never prepared scallops before, don’t be intimidated. They are one […]

Mushroom Caps

Did you know that mushrooms are a superfood?! That’s right, these little buttons don’t just taste amazing but they are loaded with a nutritional vitamin punch. They can help promote a healthy immune system, boost bone health, improve brain growth; mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, they fight aging, they can […]