Raspberry Tuxedo Cheesecake

There’s nothing more magical then the combination of raspberries and white chocolate. Or is there? We think we might have developed something so remarkable it tops even this traditional combo. This cheesecake incorporates both raspberries and white chocolate but also includes cookies. Chocolate cream stuffed cookies. Did we mention it’s […]


Reminiscent from a time Stacey lived down under in Auz, we had to share with you one of both our families very favorite desserts. If you’ve never had Pavlova, you’re in for an absolute treat! A simple meringue shell, topped with whipped cream and generally fruit, this dessert is absolutely […]

Layered Black Forest Brownie

Chocolate, cherries, whipping cream. Could there be a more perfect combination? Our fudgie brownie cake, paired with chocolate ganache and sour cherries truly ups the ante of this already incredible, traditional dessert. Valentines Day this year, take your dessert to the next level. Don’t be worried about the construction of […]

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

Oh those little sweet sugar cookies…those amazing bites of pure bliss. A simple cookie that can literally stop the world around you for that one moment as you take a bite, close your eyes and let yourself indulge. Before we continue, did we mention yet that we LOVE sugar cookies? […]

Whipped Shortbread

Shortbread! Who doesn’t love shortbread? Is there anything truly more magical at Christmas!?! We think not. Whipped shortbread has a way of appealing to every age, every taste and every Christmas party. Even as we sit here, and begin to think about how to describe its incredible angelic texture and […]

Canadian Heritage Buttertarts

Merry Christmas butter tart! We honestly both can’t remember a Christmas where these little delicious, buttery pies didn’t make an appearance on the families baking tray. Truly a Canadian wondrous treat, we’re proud to carry on our families tradition. Our families don’t even all love raisins yet these tarts can’t […]

Pie Crust

Keep your fork, there’s pie! What is it about pie? Why do we all seek out pie shops, dessert bars and strive to make the perfect pie? Because it’s simply AMAZING. Pie is a dessert that stands alone. With it’s buttery, flaky crust; bursting with it’s many fruit, cream or […]

Grandma’s Gingerbread

Christmas time, Christmas parties, Christmas fun and activities…It all sounds amazing right? To a child that can’t eat gluten, whether they’re celiac or have a gluten sensitivity, it can be a terrifying thing to navigate. The thought of all the baking and treats, bringing “their own” food to a party, […]