In Betweens

Blueberry Muffins

This has to be one of the most loved, and sought after muffins. Everyone loves that bite filled with sweet blueberries. We knew this needed to be a recipe we needed to share with you all. Using no refined sugar, banana’s and the use of oats, these muffins pack a […]

Roasted Chick Peas

We love these little powerhouse legumes! Did you know that chick peas are loaded with vitamins such as riboflavin, vitamin A, and niacin? As well, they are a great source of protein, fiber and folic acid. These little bites contain nearly all the amino acids and and nutrients that are […]

C squared date balls

Ugh. Lunches. Who truly enjoys packing these every day? Whether it’s for your kids or even yourself, it’s always the last thing we want to do. These carrot, date balls will be a game changer for quick snacks or add-in’s on lunches. We love them, our husbands love them and….our […]

Spiced Nuts

What is it about Christmas? Why is it that the season makes us all want to do a little something extra, try maybe a little harder, push a bit further, and generally make things a little more special. This recipe for spiced nuts follows that suit.  It takes something many […]

Banana Bread

Banana bread. Yum. Need we say more?!? It’s a staple in many homes…And most have an undying love for this sweet and wholesome loaf. It serves as fuel for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and we’re sure even for the odd dinner it’s snuck into bellies! Within the CUT kitchen, we knew […]