Meal Boards

Turkey Meatballs

Whoa Momma…these meatballs are so good! Seriously, you might not ever make another type of meatball again. Made with lean turkey meat and infused with carmelized onions, they are a definite win. We love to pair them either with gluten-free rice, pasta or veggies. Or honestly, they’re so delicious you […]

Bacon Waffle Pops

Waffles. Bacon. Is there any comfort foods much better? Yes! Waffles and bacon TOGETHER on a stick!! The following is our recipe for gluten-free waffles as well as an answer for dairy-free if you desire. The bacon waffle pop is a fun twist on a traditional waffle. It seems every […]

Sweet Dijon-meet pepperoni

Pepperoni is one of the most loved deli meats of all ages. Found on pizzas, mixed as dips, shared along pasta, topped on salad, packed in lunches, hidden in purses…we decided to bake ours and have made a chip! Dipped in our Sweet Dijon, we’re pretty sure you’ll be stock […]

Mozza Balls

Do you remember the fried hidden sticks of cheese usually found on a restaurants appetizer menu? Wrapped in full-gluten flour, seasoned with garlic powder, served warm, ready to dip in marinara sauce? Stacey does. And she missed them…May we introduce to you a slightly healthier version, and of course, gluten-free. […]

Focaccia crisps

Oh Focaccia…how we love thee, at least a gluten-free version! Needing to invent the wheel for a “vessel” in which we could scoop our bruschetta and other favorite dips, we have used this well known herbed bread and transformed it into a crunchy focaccia-like cracker. We’ve kept the dough simple […]

Tomato Bruschetta

There’s nothing more fragrant than a fresh garden tomato. If you’ve never been privy to this incredible aroma, you must find a garden this summer! Tomatoes encompass the Italian palate whether they’re in sauce, diced, sliced or whole. We have made this incredible bruschetta to highlight the tomato. Pairing it […]

Pizza Dough

When you’re told there’s no gluten any more within your diet, or you’ve made the conscious decision to no longer eat gluten…there’s a sudden realization of no more pizza. Pizza! Oh my goodness, very few of us can do life without pizza. There’s something that’s just so incredible and comforting […]

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates

We’re getting into appetizer season! The holiday parties are starting and that means you’ll need to bring your contribution to the potluck table. We’ve got you covered with Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates! But first, we need to talk about bacon. Did you know bacon often contains gluten?! We’re not sure […]