Churro Swirls

We’re pretty sure that this treat takes donuts to a whole other level- “fair food” at home. Could there be anything better? LOL, no crowds, no lineups, no gluten…just a churro from your own kitchen! Often seen in amusement parks as long ‘sticks’, we developed our gluten-free version as a […]


Donuts are such a funny phenomenon to us. People will travel across the city just to seek out the best doughy bite. They’ll bring back round chocolate, vanilla or glazed treats on airplanes across borders. We cart along cardboard boxes full of cinnamon sugar for board meetings and pack to […]

Chocolate Ganache

It’s February…snow is falling, temperatures are cool, but things are about to get hot and steamy. Lol, it’s only 9 more days till Valentines day! The countdown is on. Now, we can’t help you find a date if you’re flying solo. However, we certainly are going to do our best […]


What is it about these sweet, pillowy confections that any age loves? Why is it that the thought of a marshmallow to brings comfort or memories of fun? It’s as though the marshmallow is a medicinal sugary treat. A goody used in both adults and children to bring joy and […]

Tawny Popcorn

Oh yummy….caramel popcorn. It always has an essence of fun doesn’t it? We both remember growing up in homes where caramel popcorn was made for special occasions. Christmas – there were caramel popcorn balls. Halloween – the caramel popcorn was passed along in the loot. Birthday parties had bowls full […]

Spiced Nuts

What is it about Christmas? Why is it that the season makes us all want to do a little something extra, try maybe a little harder, push a bit further, and generally make things a little more special. This recipe for spiced nuts follows that suit.  It takes something many […]

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

Oh those little sweet sugar cookies…those amazing bites of pure bliss. A simple cookie that can literally stop the world around you for that one moment as you take a bite, close your eyes and let yourself indulge. Before we continue, did we mention yet that we LOVE sugar cookies? […]

Whipped Shortbread

Shortbread! Who doesn’t love shortbread? Is there anything truly more magical at Christmas!?! We think not. Whipped shortbread has a way of appealing to every age, every taste and every Christmas party. Even as we sit here, and begin to think about how to describe its incredible angelic texture and […]