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Beef Meatballs

We’ve already shared with you our recipe for Turkey Meatballs, but we needed to pass along another incredible recipe! Our recipe for Beef Meatballs is anything but traditional. As much as we love tradition, especially in the kitchen; this recipe encompasses so much more than a traditional beef meatball. These […]

Stewed Short Ribs

We’re not going to lie, short ribs is a cut of meat that neither of us buys very often at the grocery store or butcher. Although seriously, after developing this latest recipe, we both will be buying these more often! Beef short ribs are almost like a steak except waaaay […]

Pulled Beef on a Bun

Living in Calgary (AKA – Cowtown), pulled beef is sought after. You’ll find it served at summer BBQ’s, parties and street corner food trucks. It’s the perfect option for large group meals; or in todays covid world, it’s the perfect option to make just for your family. A good pulled […]

Flaghill Steak Bites

If you’ve never had high quality sirloin beef, you have to try Flaghill Ranch meat! The quality of their beef is so incredible. The marbling of their meat incomparable. We decided that these grass fed cows are a quality of beef in a league of their own. And CUT’s steak […]


A tried and true recipe! There are so many different variations of this great menu item…We decided to load ours with veggies and fiber and keep the mild southern heat that it’s famous for. Those of us (Stacey!) that like the heat can add the extra hot sauce. This recipe […]


The potatoes are so good on their own…but seriously, what’s Christmas dinner without gravy!?! Onto the (gluten-free) gravy recipe! What’s in those little packages of gravy mix anyways? It’s a bit scary to look at the ingredients, and recognize whats what…not to mention most include gluten.  Our recipe for gravy […]