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Mushroom Burgers

We know it’s December and the snow should be flying…but here in Calgary it’s been balmy and feels almost like spring! Riding bikes, having fires and the kids playing outside in just hoodies, has us in the mood for burgers! We’ve not completely negated the fact that next week may […]

Flaghill Steak Bites

If you’ve never had high quality sirloin beef, you have to try Flaghill Ranch meat! The quality of their beef is so incredible. The marbling of their meat incomparable. We decided that these grass fed cows are a quality of beef in a league of their own. And CUT’s steak […]

Mushroom Soup

We have always promised to be real and authentic in our scope of work at CUT. Full disclosure – we both cringe at the sound of mushroom soup. The thoughts of our mothers opening a can and pouring it’s contents into a pot or over a casserole of sorts, does […]

Mushroom Caps

Did you know that mushrooms are a superfood?! That’s right, these little buttons don’t just taste amazing but they are loaded with a nutritional vitamin punch. They can help promote a healthy immune system, boost bone health, improve brain growth; mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, they fight aging, they can […]

Portabello Risotto

Ris-otto or Ris-awe-tto…Lol, we’re not going to argue how to pronounce this incredible Italian dish but rather we’d like to celebrate with you it’s absolute greatness. The union of arborio rice and portobello mushrooms within the Italian palate is something so incredible. It’s absolutely amoré. Did we mention that we […]

Chicken Asparagus

The chicken- here’s a funny animal…They are such a part of our lives and we hardly give credit to this quirky bird. From the farm wake up call for breakfast to lunch and dinner, chickens are part of our many  daily foods.   Our families are fortunate to have fresh farm […]