Dressings, Dips & Gravies

Sweet Pepper Thai Dip

This exquisite dip has so many layers. It boasts of roasted red pepper, peanut butter and turmeric. Combine these incredible ingredients together and you have a dip that’s as unique as you! We love developing new fusions of flavours and feel as though this recipe encompasses so many personalities! It […]

Spicy Dill Dip

This dip is Stacey’s favourite. Anything with some added ‘heat’ and she’s in! This creamy ranch inspired dip is infused with dill, lemon pepper and jalapeño. The longer it sits, the better it gets. Well at least if you ask Stacey. If you want Meg’s vote, this one is best […]

Ginger Sesame Dip

We love a good dip and there’s nothing better then taking something delicious and making it taste even more amazing! This hummus based dip does exactly that. Using hummus as it’s base, we’ve incorporated a few other ingredients and developed something absolutely incredible! This dip is so versitile – be […]

CUT Fall Spice Blend

We both love fall. The falling leaves, the crisp morning air, the cool wind as it dances through the long grasses. There’s something incredible that happens as the nights grow longer and days become shorter; it’s as magically the autumn breeze brings a comfort and “coziness” into our homes. Our […]

Coleslaw Dressing

The first frost has already hit Calgary. The fall has definitely arrived. In short, that means that all the cabbage in the garden had to be picked or they’d be lost. Seriously, we live in one of the shortest growing seasons possible! Oh well, we can’t argue with nature. However, […]

Caramel Sauce

When creating our Caramel Apple Floats ( https://cutcooking.com/caramel-apple-floats/ ) using our homemade caramel recipe, we became certain that this creamy and luxurious dip needed a spotlight all of its own. So here it is folks; an entire blog dedicated to simply the easiest most incredible caramel sauce ever! We couldn’t […]

Kale Pesto

Summer is closing and fall is coming quickly. Too quickly! Yesterday in Calgary, we were on patios and sipping cold drinks. Today, we bring out the cozy socks and look for warm soups….or pesto!! This recipe for our Kale Pesto is the perfect accompaniment to literally almost everything and anything. […]

Bearnollandiase sauce

We know, we know….you’re all reading the title of our new favourite sauce and wondering “did we spell that right”? YES!!! We absolutely did. Morphing two of our favourite sauces into one, we would like to introduce you to “Bearnollandiase Sauce”. This incredibly buttery goodness is the perfect addition to […]