Dressings, Dips & Gravies

Mole Sauce

Mole is a traditional Mexican sauce used in Mexican cuisine. It usually requires many ingredients and a labor of love to create. We LOVE Mole but not the process involved to make this incredible sauce. So in true CUT style, we set out to make a comparable Mole that was […]

Epic Garlic Sauce

There is no other word for this sauce than EPIC! Full of flavour and super easy to make, this will become a go-to creamy option for you and your family. We love using this over pasta, pouring over veggies, dipping even chicken strips! It works with everything and any foods. […]

Beef Fajita Marinade

We are so fortunate to live in Alberta, Canada where beef is incredibly accessible…and not just any beef either! Alberta beef is world renown for it’s amazing rich taste, consistent high quality, and perfect marbling within its cuts. We knew without debate what meat we needed to wrap within our […]

CUT Guacamole

There’s really not much better than a scoop of guacamole! Our families and kids all love this green avocado-based dip. The funny part? Our kids don’t like avocados yet love guacamole. Go figure. Definitely guacamole for the win. This Mexican inspired dip is so incredible and we can’t imagine a […]

Tarter Sauce

Our families love to ‘dip’…and this sauce is an incredible contestant in the ‘dipping’ world. Tarter sauce is normally known for dipping different fish and seafood options. However, this recipe is so incredibly fresh and consists of ingredients that make this dip suitable for many foods! Go ahead and mix […]

Blue Cheese Dressing

Now here’s an interesting dressing! Why is it that few people actually like blue cheese yet reach for this option as a dressing or dip often!?! We’ve decided it’s the perfect balance of this cheese’s sharp bite when paired with it’s other smooth ingredients that makes this dressing undeniable. We […]

Baked Ham with a Rootbeer Glaze

When celebrating large holiday’s, both our families often include “the ham” to our tables. If you’ve never made a ham before, be prepared to meet your new “best friend” for large meals. Ham is economical and is so EASY to make! Over the years, we’ve both trialed different holiday entree’s…from […]

Peanut Thai Dressing

Another favorite dressing of both our families. This incredible dressing acts well as a dip or to pour. It’s versatility of pairings has endless options. The perfect combination of spice and sweet, we’re betting you have most of these ingredients in your pantry already. Honestly, we can’t begin to tell […]