Red Meat

Beef Fajita Marinade

We are so fortunate to live in Alberta, Canada where beef is incredibly accessible…and not just any beef either! Alberta beef is world renown for it’s amazing rich taste, consistent high quality, and perfect marbling within its cuts. We knew without debate what meat we needed to wrap within our […]


A tried and true recipe! There are so many different variations of this great menu item…We decided to load ours with veggies and fiber and keep the mild southern heat that it’s famous for. Those of us (Stacey!) that like the heat can add the extra hot sauce. This recipe […]

Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Truth. Whoever invented the hamburger was an absolute genius. Honestly, is there anything that combines all food groups and wraps it tightly between 2 halves of a bun? And provides the greatest combination of comfort and sustenance with just a single bite? We’re not sure there is!?! Which is why […]