Nut Loaf

As much as we both admittedly love bacon and many different meats, we love a good vegetarian option too. This recipe is for all our vegetarian friends! Although, vegetarian or not – our Nut Loaf is so incredibly delicious, we’re pretty sure that everyone will devour this one. The texture is so amazing and moist. You might wonder how you’ve never made this before? It’s so good!!

To start such a recipe requires incredible ingredients, and we have been fortunate to partner with a local YYC company who specializes in NUTS! Let us introduce you to Going Nuts!

Going Nuts is a family owned and operated business based in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in creating handmade flavoured nuts, nut butters, granola, granola bars, energy bites, and nut mylk. Produced weekly, we strive to offer our customers the freshest quality products. At Going Nuts, we love getting to know our customers personally. Visit us at any of our locations (and try some samples while you’re there!).”

“Chris and Brenda’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for serving Calgarians with unique products led them to open Going Nuts in 2004. Originally based at the Calgary Farmers’ Market in the Currie Barracks, Going Nuts started with only 3 flavours of nuts – Cinnamon Almonds, Curried Chili Cashews and Ginger & Spice Pecans. The company has grown substantially over the years and now operates in markets and retail locations across Alberta.”

We were excited to create this recipe working with Going Nuts. Their products of flavoured nuts were the perfect option. You can absolutely create this loaf using just raw nuts; but the flavours from Going Nuts “Salt and Pepper Cashews”, and “Ginger and Spice Pecans” add a whole other level of amazing to this recipe!

We love to keep things simple because lets be honest, good food doesn’t have to be hard to make! In fact, we’d argue that some of the finest foods are the most simple to make. This recipe fits that category. Combine all the ingredients together and bake it! That’s it!

This recipe is also a fantastic option if you’re looking for a protein loaded bite. There are so many sources of protein in this recipe! With that note, lets start chopping our NUTS! Both cashews and pecans are fairly soft so feel free to simply use a knife to chop them. Otherwise, you can also pull out the food processor – your choice;)

While you’re chopping nuts and combining the rest of the ingredients, you’ll sauté the onions and mushrooms and boil your rice. Once the onions are transparent and mushrooms fully cooked, finely give them a good chop. If you used your food processor already for the nuts; keep “pulsing”! Otherwise, again your knife is perfect.

With all the ingredients prepped, it’s literally now a matter of combining everything in a large bowl and give it a great big stir!

This recipe makes a large loaf. Be sure to use at least a loaf pan that is 8.5″x 4.5″ x 2.5″ in size. Otherwise, feel free to bake in smaller pans and you’ll have to adjust the bake time.

It’s the holiday season, and it’s Friday…if you’re feeling like you want to add something a little extra, try this recipe with our Epic Garlic Sauce! It’s the gourmet finish you might just need this weekend. We dare you.

Get ready, everyone will be Going Nuts over this recipe! Enjoy.

Nut Loaf

Recipe by cutcookingCourse: Main, VegetarianCuisine: CanadianDifficulty: Easy


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A savoury winter spiced nut loaf! A nutty texture combined with the extra protein of cottage cheese, rice and mushrooms that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. Flavoured cashews and pecans from Going Nuts create a unique and complex bite. This has qualities to become a family favourite.


  • 1 cup salt and pepper cashews

  • 1 cup ginger and spice pecans

  • 3 tbsp butter

  • 1 medium onion, chopped

  • 3 cups mushrooms, chopped

  • 2 tsp gluten-free soya sauce

  • 3-4 cloves garlic, minced

  • 1/2 cup white wine

  • 2 tbsp chives

  • 2 tbsp fresh Italian parsley, finely chopped

  • 1 tbsp fresh oregano, finely chopped

  • 1/2 cup CUT flour

  • 2 cups brown rice, cooked

  • 4 eggs

  • 1 cup cottage cheese

  • 3/4 cup shredded parmesan cheese

  • Optional: Serve with CUT Epic Garlic Sauce


  • Preheat oven to 350 °F
  • Prepare 2 cups cooked rice according to package instructions.
  • In large frying pan on medium/low heat, melt butter. Add chopped onions and cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Add chopped mushrooms, garlic, white wine, and gluten-free soya sauce to frying pan. Combine everything well and continue to cook until onions translucent and mushrooms soft. About 15 minutes. Stir frequently.
  • Using a food processor or simply a knife, chop nuts into small pieces.
  • Combine nuts with all the other ingredients in large mixing bowl: chives, parsley, oregano, flour, eggs, cottage cheese, parmesan cheese.
  • Again using either a food processor or knife, chop cooked mushrooms and onions into very small pieces. Add to mixing bowl along with cooked rice.
  • Stir everything well together.
  • Transfer to greased loaf pan. Press into pan.
  • Bake for 60 minutes.
  • Optional: prepare Epic Garlic Sauce for an extra finish!
  • Pour that extra white you have left in the bottle…It’s the weekend! Happy Friday,
    Stacey and Meg