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Chocolate Pancakes

It finally happened, chocolate and pancakes have united to bring you one of the greatest combinations of comfort foods ever. With Valentine’s day right around the corner, we promise you’ll win over any loved one with these delectable pancakes. It won’t matter what age you’re cooking these up for – […]

Layered Black Forest Brownie

Chocolate, cherries, whipping cream. Could there be a more perfect combination? Our fudgie brownie cake, paired with chocolate ganache and sour cherries truly ups the ante of this already incredible, traditional dessert. Valentines Day this year, take your dessert to the next level. Don’t be worried about the construction of […]

Chocolate Ganache

It’s February…snow is falling, temperatures are cool, but things are about to get hot and steamy. Lol, it’s only 9 more days till Valentines day! The countdown is on. Now, we can’t help you find a date if you’re flying solo. However, we certainly are going to do our best […]