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Ruby Scones

Christmas is a special time of year. As our families celebrate, we always incorporate the addition of special foods. Bites that might be a little sweeter, a little more rich and yes, possibly a couple extra calories….Lol. But that’s the holidays! This recipe for Ruby Scones is extra special. It’s […]

Holiday Nog

We’re pretty sure that between both our families, we drink most of the local grocery stores supply of eggnog! Lol, we all LOVE eggnog – adults and the kids. In fact, we celebrate the first day one of us finds eggnog at the grocery store! Having said that, we also […]

Rocky Mountain Balsamic Dressing / Winter Salad

We love keeping life as simple as we can, where we can. When it comes to the kitchen, simple can become gourmet when it’s paired carefully together. The following recipe is exactly that. We have created an incredible Winter Salad using our recipe for Rocky Mountain Balsamic Dressing and have […]

Nut Loaf

As much as we both admittedly love bacon and many different meats, we love a good vegetarian option too. This recipe is for all our vegetarian friends! Although, vegetarian or not – our Nut Loaf is so incredibly delicious, we’re pretty sure that everyone will devour this one. The texture […]

Apple Spice Muffins

The holidays are coming and lazy mornings are an order:) There’s not much better then heading downstairs to freshly baked muffins and pouring yourself that first cup of coffee…unless your muffin is made from coffee!! We did it! The lazy mornings can begin. We have created a muffin loaded with […]

Lemon loaf

Many of you who may have been diagnosed celiac, or decided to begin eating gluten-free after eating ‘full gluten coffee house breads and snacks’, will probably understand where we’re going with this blog when we simply say…”lemon loaf”. Lol, it’s so good!! And so gluten-full!! We needed to make a […]

Blueberry Muffins

This has to be one of the most loved, and sought after muffins. Everyone loves that bite filled with sweet blueberries. We knew this needed to be a recipe we needed to share with you all. Using no refined sugar, banana’s and the use of oats, these muffins pack a […]

Bacon Waffle Pops

Waffles. Bacon. Is there any comfort foods much better? Yes! Waffles and bacon TOGETHER on a stick!! The following is our recipe for gluten-free waffles as well as an answer for dairy-free if you desire. The bacon waffle pop is a fun twist on a traditional waffle. It seems every […]