Egg Salad

It’s no secret that we love eggs! The chickens themselves? They do maybe scare us a bit…Lol. It’s a really good thing that we love their eggs as much as we do. Fresh farm eggs are incredible. If you’ve never had the opportunity to collect fresh eggs, it’s something to […]

Chicken Salad

We had so many requests for this recipe when we posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook, we knew we had to share the recipe PDQ…What to do with the leftover chicken?! Let us tell you! This recipe is so incredible and absolutely delicious. Both of our families enjoy the […]

Baked Chicken Wings

That’s right! We said baked chicken wings….A much healthier option then the usual fried ones served. We know what you’re all thinking…baked wings…they’re just not the same. We would have agreed until we set out to make our recipe. CUT promise- these taste amazing! You won’t second guess baking chicken […]

Cantonese Chicken

Are you bored with the same old chicken recipes? This one is an incredible page to add to your chicken chapter. It’s perfectly flavored with a sweet side and just a little bit of spice. Funny story- Stacey inherited this recipe during university. She was cooking for her new boyfriend […]

Chicken Parmesan

We’re pretty sure this is one of the greatest comfort foods of all time. What could be better than breaded chicken (of course gluten free bread crumbs), covered in cheese and swimming in a bed of tomato wine sauce?! It’s Friday, let’s celebrate with our families in that we’ve all […]

Thai Chicken

The perfect recipe to follow a busy day of work, school or running around. It requires little time to prepare and yet it shows up as incredible! We love serving this for company of every age, as even the pickiest eaters can usually find a combo or de-constructed version they […]

Apple Chicken

Alright it’s day 6 of the arctic freeze and we can’t lie, we’re a bit tired of the absolutely freezing temperatures… -36 ˚C without even calculating wind chill is cold!!! Ha! Born and raised Canadians, we are hearty stock. But seriously, we’re done. Thank goodness we have the sunshine here […]

Chicken Asparagus

The chicken- here’s a funny animal…They are such a part of our lives and we hardly give credit to this quirky bird. From the farm wake up call for breakfast to lunch and dinner, chickens are part of our many  daily foods.   Our families are fortunate to have fresh farm […]