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Coconut Fish Nuggets

Coconut and fish – we figure these 2 incredible foods are the perfect pairing. Not to mention, it’s -30°C today as we write this blog and the combo just sounds balmy doesn’t it? Coconut…Fish…imagine a warm beach…drinks with umbrella’s…we promise you’ll be swept away with this recipe! Let one bite […]

Almond Rocca

This traditional hard crack toffee is one of the most delicious candies you’ll ever have. It’s complexity of taste and texture is like no other chocolate confection. Honestly, if you’ve never experienced this incredible treat, be ready for a new favorite! This one is perfect for the holidays. It’s so […]

Toes in the Sand Smoothie

When toes are in the sand – drink smoothies! This tropical inspired smoothie will take your taste buds to that warm sunny beach any day of the week. The ‘beach’ might be closer then you think. It’s the middle of summer and most of us aren’t travelling further then our […]

Lemon Cookies

Summer is here! Glasses of lemonade are being enjoyed on patios and backyards everywhere. Who doesn’t love a tall glass of refreshing lemonade?! Or better yet…a lemon cookie! With a refreshing crunch and soft chew, we’re sure that this recipe will be a win with everyone on your patio this […]

Coconut Fudge

The sun is finally shining in YYC and we feel like we’re beachin’ with a balmy 10°C!! Just a week ago we were buried under a blizzard snowstorm – today the grass has hints of green peaking through. The signs of spring has definitely lifted our spirits. We’re excited to […]

Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

The snow seems to be relentless this year in Calgary but we refuse to believe that spring isn’t here. Easter is around the corner and with everything happening in the world right now, we all could use a little lift in our spirits. Spring is here; a time of growth […]

Thai Chicken

The perfect recipe to follow a busy day of work, school or running around. It requires little time to prepare and yet it shows up as incredible! We love serving this for company of every age, as even the pickiest eaters can usually find a combo or de-constructed version they […]

C squared date balls

Ugh. Lunches. Who truly enjoys packing these every day? Whether it’s for your kids or even yourself, it’s always the last thing we want to do. These carrot, date balls will be a game changer for quick snacks or add-in’s on lunches. We love them, our husbands love them and….our […]