French Fries

It’s no secret that we both LOVE fries! It doesn’t matter whether they’re potato or yam, straight or curly, thick or skinny, fried or baked…we LOVE fries. We have to be honest with you all that fries are a staple in our homes. In fact, there’s usually fries present when […]

Pumpkin Soup

What happened!?! Last week we were commenting on how lovely the leaves were turning colors on the trees, light hoodies were enough to walk the dog, and today? It’s a full on blizzard outside. Temperatures in Calgary are reaching record lows for this time of year. Winter has somehow snuck […]

Pumpkin Ravioli

We’re so excited that it’s pumpkin season! AND that it’s GLUTEN FREE PASTA week! There’s no better way to use pumpkin then to wrap it in pasta, and pour a creamy sauce all over it. That’s right, we’ve made homemade GLUTEN FREE pumpkin ravioli!! If you are on a gluten […]

Apple Squash Bake

2020…To say the very least, it’s been a year. So many hardships and so much turmoil as we look around us. However, thanksgiving is coming. We might have to look a little harder, but we do have things to be thankful for. A thankful spirit may take a little more […]

Fall Harvest Coleslaw

Like we’ve mentioned in our earlier coleslaw dressing post, the fall frost has arrived and the garden has been harvested. There’s not much better then a fridge and cold room full of fresh produce. This salad celebrates the change in seasons and uses hearty fall ingredients. When creating any salad […]

Red Lentil Soup

The leaves are beginning to turn, the colours of autumn are all around us. Crisp mornings and cool evenings, this incredible curry soup is the perfect compliment to fall. There is something about a warm curry that will try and warm your soul. This lentil soup is exactly that – […]

Quinoa Salad

Who doesn’t love quinoa? It’s such a healthy option of protein and also contains a fair amount of fiber. The perfect choice for packing a picnic to the park, beach or mountains. Prepare this salad ahead of time and be ready for any summer adventure! We love the idea of […]

Lime Vinaigrette

It’s August and the sun is hot. Start squeezing limes because the patio umbrella’s are open, and the loungers have wheeled onto decks. We’re hoping you’re finding a pool or splash park to cool down with. Our families definitely are! Between the water and days spent in the sun, mealtimes […]