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Pasta, Pork

Momma’s Bolognese

“Oh Momma this is good sauce, I love the sausage!!”… This recipe is definitely one of both our families favourites. It makes such a large amount, it’s perfect for hosting company or freezing in smaller portions when life is busy. It’s so easy to make with very little prep. Not […]

Not Always Breakfast


Alright some of you might be a bit confused…The name Blintz and our picture isn’t adding up!!  You’re right.  Normally a cheese blintz might look more like  rolled pancake or crepe stuffed with cheese.  We’ve re-vamped this traditional dish to suit YOU. Our goal at CUT is making incredible food […]

Soup, Vegetarian

MexiCan Street Corn Soup

The sun is hot. The waves are crashing at your feet and the warmed sand is supporting your back as you relax. You have no cares in the world….Sounds like every day of a Canadian winter right?! Ha!! Hardly. We’re all literally freezing, it’s -30 ˚C. You could literally throw […]

Dressings, Dips & Gravies

Caesar Salad Dressing

Caesar salad, we LOVE this salad. Who doesn’t love caesar salad?! This is a staple in so many restaurants and homes already, you’re probably wondering why would we give you this recipe. Our challenge to you is to steer away from the packaged bottle on the shelf, and make this […]

Not Always Breakfast

Eggnog Pancakes

We’d like to first wish you a Happy New Year!! We hope that you all had a safe night celebrating with friends and family and are looking forward to what 2020 will bring. The first day of a New Year! Before the lists of resolutions begin, we imagine that most […]


Mushroom Caps

Did you know that mushrooms are a superfood?! That’s right, these little buttons don’t just taste amazing but they are loaded with a nutritional vitamin punch. They can help promote a healthy immune system, boost bone health, improve brain growth; mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, they fight aging, they can […]

Appetizers, Vegetarian

Jalapeño Poppers

Alright truth be known, Stacey might have a slight obsession with jalapeños…or anything spicy for that matter! Meg on the other hand…well let’s just say she doesn’t dare have a bite of a jalapeño unless a tall glass of milk is nearby or a loaf of bread to ward off […]


Hot Cran-Apple Cider

We need to begin this post by hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas!! Truly not just words in print on a screen but we sincerely wish you and yours a peaceful season full of laughter for you and your families. We hope that these words have found you […]