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Caramel Apple Floats

Who doesn’t love a drink that includes whipping cream? Or better yet, who doesn’t love a drink that includes HOMEMADE caramel sauce?! This float can be made both with apple cider or as a virgin apple bubbly option. The perfect family ending to summer holidays and the start of fall. […]

Not Always Breakfast

English Muffins

Whether your diet is gluten-free due to celiac disease, by choice, or another gut issue, it really doesn’t matter. There are a few foods you shouldn’t have to live without. We have decided that English muffins is one of them! We fully recognize these round, flat breads may not even […]

Appetizers, Chicken

Greek Kabobs

These Mediterranean inspired kabobs can be enjoyed either warm or cold! They’re the perfect option whether you’re looking to pack them to the park or serve them on the patio. We have developed this recipe with summer in mind. A recipe that doesn’t require a lot of extra work, adaptable […]


Hawaiian Kabobs

Travel is limited right now and summer is in full swing. What are we all supposed to do? Pour a cold drink and find a BBQ. We have you covered! Using fresh tomatoes and peppers, pork, bacon and boozy pineapple, we have brought the Hawaiian islands to your backyard BBQ. […]

In Betweens

Lemon loaf

Many of you who may have been diagnosed celiac, or decided to begin eating gluten-free after eating ‘full gluten coffee house breads and snacks’, will probably understand where we’re going with this blog when we simply say…”lemon loaf”. Lol, it’s so good!! And so gluten-full!! We needed to make a […]

Red Meat

Flaghill Steak Bites

If you’ve never had high quality sirloin beef, you have to try Flaghill Ranch meat! The quality of their beef is so incredible. The marbling of their meat incomparable. We decided that these grass fed cows are a quality of beef in a league of their own. And CUT’s steak […]