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CUT Guacamole

There’s really not much better than a scoop of guacamole! Our families and kids all love this green avocado-based dip. The funny part? Our kids don’t like avocados yet love guacamole. Go figure. Definitely guacamole for the win. This Mexican inspired dip is so incredible and we can’t imagine a […]


Chicken Salad

We had so many requests for this recipe when we posted a picture on Instagram and Facebook, we knew we had to share the recipe PDQ…What to do with the leftover chicken?! Let us tell you! This recipe is so incredible and absolutely delicious. Both of our families enjoy the […]

In Betweens

Bavarian Pretzels

If you’ve never had a true Bavarian pretzel, you’re in for a treat with this recipe. This popular German snack will please everyone this summer! They’re not hard to make and something that even the kids will have fun helping to create. Lol, it’s okay if the pretzel ‘shape’ isn’t […]


Isobar Latte

If you’ve ever lived in Calgary, or even visited Calgary you’ll appreciate that when we tell you to plan for every type of weather to arrive in a day…we’re not kidding! It can be a gorgeous balmy 20°C first thing in the morning and can quickly turn on a dime […]


Cinnamon Bun Popcorn

It’s Monday, the start of another week. The start of more Covid homeschooling, back to work from home offices, juggling everyone’s schedules and figuring out who needs what device for what online meeting. Whew, we’re exhausted already thinking about it! Does anyone else agree? The changes of home quarantine has […]


Tuna Salad

Quarantine grocery shopping? Fewer trips to the grocery store? Canned tuna will have you and your family covered. What better way to stock your pantry then with cans of this mild, high protein food source. Tuna is so versatile it can be prepared and added to many different recipes. Having […]

Desserts, Treats

Chocolate chip Cookies

Both of our families LOVE cookies. This recipe is a cookie staple. The king of cookies maybe? Everyone needs a little chocolate in their life…who can say no to this traditional treat? Pour a glass of milk and get ready to ‘dunk’. These cookies are amazing! With the addition of […]


Salmon Burgers

These burgers will make your summer. Seriously, the burger as you know it is about to change. Salmon in a burger? Yes!! It’s absolutely amazing. Don’t be afraid to venture from the prairies to our coasts for this one. We love our Alberta beef, pork and chicken, however a change […]